Exercising and sports activity have broad effects on your well-being, contentedness and quality of life. Furthermore, sports activity contribute to decrease risk factors and prevents diseases.

The offerings with the SPORT PRO GESUNDHEIT quality seal would like to accompany “non-sportsmen” on their way to a more active life. Here you can learn more about the backgrounds and our goals.

SPORT PRO GESUNDHEIT was established by DEUTSCHER OLYMPISCHER SPORTBUND (German Olympic Sports Federation) in collaboration with the Bundesärztekammer (German Medical Association). With this cooperation, a nationwide distribution and a nationwide standardised quality of the offerings are ought to be guaranteed.

What does the quality seal mean?

  • Sports clubs and sports associations guarantee a high and constant quality of their offerings, because quality criteria are classified as mandatory for all certified health programs
  • Quality-seal offerings focus on the preemptive effect of exercising. The offerings may strengthen your cardiovascular system, stabilise your skeleton, like your back, or follow a targeted stress relieve
  • Some doctors will inform you of quality-seal offerings near you 
  • You find quality-seal offerings nationwide.
  • There already exist over 10,000 offerings with our quality-seal SPORT PRO GESUNDHEIT in Germany
  • Sports clubs, which participate in our campaign with high dedication, medium- and long-term perform a contribution to the decrease of costs in our health system
  • Many health funds have approved the quality-seal as a qualified action for primary prevention. Members are given the opportunity to claim refund on the course fees, according to § 20 SGB V. Ask your insurance company before you start participating in a course.
  • Furthermore, according to § 65 SGB V participating in SPORT PRO GESUNDHEIT quality-seal offerings was included in bonus programs of some health insurances. Interested insurants should ask their insurance company anyway.

Mitgliedschaften und Initiativen

Mitgliedschaften und Initiativen